Ayahuasa & Chacruna 30X Extract: Decoction Paste


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30X Aqueous extract
Thick paste
Low heat, 5-day long decoction

Product Information and Guidance

Ayahuasca is used in a peaceful, natural, quiet setting that promotes introspection, reflection, and third eye listening. It is a shamanic medicine that provides clarity, guidance, and deep perspectives of nature. 

This particular ayahuasca mix contains ayahuasca and chacruna.

Each bag of one kilogram creates about 2 liters of medicine.  Using less water would increase the concentration.

Detailed rehydration instructions are available.

Shamans customize dosing to each individual based on their familiarity with the medicine, and the appropriate strength for a given person. When unsure about a person, they start with a low dose, and then slowly, patiently add more.

Respect to mother Ayahuasca  is traditionally shown by preparing before ceremonies. This is done minimally with no sugar, refined oils, sex, or any processed ingredients. Some choose  a vegan diet using only unprocessed, whole "sun foods" for a period of time before a ceremony. It may be done with prayer and clarity of intention. It may be done by recognizing the power of these teacher plants and purifying the environment with smoke offerings. Some focus on the presence of the plant, request blessings of wisdom, and set healing intentions.

After a ceremony, many create a buffer of time before re-engaging ordinary life. They take at least one day to meditate, eat fruits, read uplifting materials, sit quietly in nature, journal and relax. This allows the experience to integrate.

Successive ceremonies are traditionally engaged to reveal more levels of information. Shamans report that initial experiences are frequently focused on one's life decisions, clearing confusion, and clarifying purpose. They report that later experiences are more esoteric, related to understanding the multi-dimensional existence of this plant and its purpose.

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Each bag of 1 kilogram is approximately 4 inches by 6 inches.

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30x Ayahuasca paste decoction

The concentration ratio is determined by the amount of plant materials used to create the decoction. In this, 30 kilograms have been cooked down to produce this thick paste.

Low heat is consistently used to slowly evaporate the water while preserving the properties of the plants.

Where plants come from and how they are harvested matters. This ayahuasca vine has been wild harvested from deep in the rainforest, early in the morning. The harvester plants three pieces of vine for each vine collected. They collect a liveable family wage in exchange for their work, and we value their partnership. The leaves are collected from planted bushes that grow under or on the outskirts of the rainforest canopy. Chariponga is native to the rainforest, and when grown around other trees its foliage is abundant.


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Ayahuasca is never consumed when taking anti-depressant pharmaceuticals such as MAOI's or SSRI's.

Meditation is practiced before, during, and after ceremonies. Meditation grounds us in the body, and gently opens us up to presence. In combination with grandmother medicine, some find it easier to receive wisdom and insight. 

Ayahuasca is legal in Peru. Please be sure to consult the legality in your country before purchasing.