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Liability Release

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Common Sense

All information provided by this website, or by its representatives in other forms of communication, is strictly educational and is based on the verbal, herbalist traditions of Peru. It is not based on the views of allopathic medicine, and it does not consider government certifications for efficacy. It is not intended to convince you that a permanent cure exists for any illness, or that one’s personality or mental health will be permanently changed through the use of any product. Healing and personal growth are results of lifestyle, intention, and consistent discipline. 


No product on this website has FDA certification. They are therefore not food items. Any information using the word, “food,” or implications that the product could be used as a food is only a title with no intended definition.

Product efficacy

No product can provide the same effect with every use, and effects vary. 

Age agreement

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Placing Orders

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Shipping Times

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Use of products and information

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All information is private

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Legality of products

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Shipping Companies

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