Shipping Information

Please contact us directly for international shipments. Send us a screenshot of your cart items, or an email with your desired items.  Let us know your desired shipping method, post or DHL, and we will calculate shipping to your country and send you a quote.

Payment options include Western Union, wire transfer, and select crypto coins. Please let us know your desired payment type when you contact us.  Once we have confirmed availability of your desired products, you may provide payment.

Be sure to provide your accurate shipping information.

Products will be shipped within five days of receiving payment in most cases. Exceptions could result in cases that the products must be prepared after payment is received.

Products will be sent via DHL or normal post, and a tracking number will be provided.  

Shipping charges are assessed by weight, which must include the weight of the packing materials. They are calculated at the time of the order. 

Packing materials and boxes are included. Products will be packaged safely.  If they arrive damaged, please send us a picture and describe the damage. Clear cuts in bags have resulted in the past from customs' inspections.

Shipping times may range from 5 days to 8 weeks. The cases of longer periods result from products waiting in custom’s warehouses for inspection.

We ship from Peru and Brazil.

We ship worldwide except in cases of shipping bans such as sanctions.

Products are shipped discreetly. Codes are used to identify items. 

In the case that your product is rejected by customs, please notify us immediately and provide screenshots as evidence. We will review this on a case by case basis. In most situations we provide the option of resending the puchased items for 25% of the product listed value, plus the cost of shipping. 

Requests for returns, exchanges, or refunds will be considered on a case by case basis, if a request is made within 10 business days of arrival of the shipment. Please provide pictures of faulty materials and thorough details explaining the cause for requesting returns, exchanges, or refunds. A reply will be sent within 48 hours. Fair consideration will be given to all requests out of respect for you as a human being and our customer. Please avoid mailing any returns without first communicating with us.

Once a product is shipped, it may not be canceled.  If you cancel an order before products have shipped, a full refund may be made less any financial charges.

The following information only Pertains to Peru: