About Us


Good Karma Services

We want everyone involved with your purchase to benefit. From the plants themselves to the end user, we think seriously about our impact, and search for ways to make it a positive impact.  We work with our providers to use environmentally sustainable practices that ensure a strong availability of resources. We make sure livable wages are distributed. And, we make sure your products meet the highest standards.


In ancient cultures, from China to Ireland to rainforest tribes, there once flourished a sophisticated understanding of how to use plants to heal and develop. In some areas of the world, parts of these traditions were successfully passed down to people in our current world. Today, as more people are feeling attracted to this practice, the knowledge is spreading. In some cases, modern culture has maintained practices like flower baths for attracting abundance, and chamomile to calm the mind, while the scientific community annually adds more intricate details on phytotherapeutic value to the collection of peer reviewed journal articles. If this trend continues, it is likely that the full breadth of herbalism will in time return to our world, fueled by the whispers of ceremonial teacher plants.

Giving Back

Ensuring the long term growth of herbalism requires abundant existence of medicinal plants in their native areas, and training in the creation and use of plant based medicines. We are putting  aside a portion of our earnings to buy land which will be used for these purposes, adding momentum to the interest in medicinal plants.


Your satisfaction remains our top priority and our first step. We want you to have access to high quality products that leads to an expanding interest in the use of medicinal plants.