Rainforest Roots

Providing natural products from Peru to deepen your relationship with earth

Shamanic Luxury Soap

Medicinal Plants


Hapé Snuff

Scalable Exporting

plant extracts


Extracts of powerful Amazon plants condense and hold the medicinal value for long periods of time.

rainforest soap

Rainforest Soap

Rainforest Soap captures the essence of flowers and leaves into a handmade bar of soap, making every shower a flower bath.



Respecting nature's ability to repopulate, and people's need for a livelihood, we work closely with Matses natives to ensure sustainability is sincere.


Teacher Plants
Entheogenic plant extracts to expand earth consciousness.


Hapé Plant Snuff

Grounding snuffs from the Amazon rainforest.


Natural Incense
Natural, unrefined incense from Peru


Sacred eye medicine

tepis and kuripes

Tepis and Kuripes
Handmade artesenal items from the Peruvian Amazon.

Art by Anderson Debernardi
Entheogenic inspired artwork in awe of nature.

plant powders

Ground Dried Powders
Dehydrated plants parts in powder form.


Superfood oils from Peru like aguaje, copaiba, and sacha inchi.

A connection with nature is a connection with oneself

We are on a mission to connect the world with powerful plants. Living indoors can make us feel cut off, and it's not always easy to spend long periods of time outdoors. Our mission is to connect society with plant medicines that strengthen our bodies, uplift our spirits, and remind us just how connected we are to nature. 

We value you. Please let us know how we can be of best service.