Malachra and Rosemary Shampoo Bar

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Saponified malachra-infused oils of organic avocado, organic coconut, castor, and olive, plus murumuru and shea butters. Essential oil of rosemary. Red clay, honey from Amazonian stingless bees (sustainably harvested by protecting the hive).

Product Information

Our soap provide a way of capturing essences of rainforest plants and bringing them to you where ever you may be. In Peru, the traditional plant bath is used to clear one's energy, and attract good fortune. We hope you love our soap as much as having a plant bath under the rainforest canopy.

Product Details

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Our soap is rich and luxurious. It's utterly healthy too, using only natural ingredients. The butters and plants are sourced ethically and responsibly, with concern given to the wildharvesters and the plant sustainability.

Special Instructions

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Rinse the hair, gently rub the soap on the hair until the amount of lather is obtained, then scrub the hair and rinse. Letting the lather sit for five minutes will allow the plants to have their effect more deeply.