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Delivery Time 15 - 35 Business days

Easing access to Peruvian exports. 
We make finding and exporting Peruvian products easy.

We build trustworthy, long term relationships between importers and exporters. High standards lead our selection of quality products and reputable companies. Formal certifications are available, and a wide range of products are too.

Peru requires all crops to be grown GMO free, according to Peruvian law 31111

From maca to purple corn extract to alpaca fur sweaters, our service investigates companies, quality, prices, export-readiness, preparation methods, and shipping methods. 

We handle all communications with Peruvian companies and customs agents, maintain transparency, and track shipments in progress.

We also research the requirements for importers outside of Peru, and offer step by step guidance when needed.

The cost of our service is a US$500 retainer to initiate the process, plus 15% of the EXW product cost. Please contact us to begin.

We have been familiarizing ourselves with Peruvian companies and products since 2005. It is our pleasure to personally sample goods and foods from all over Peru. This country is rich in natural products, and offers multiple growing climates including low-altitude tropics, high-altitude tropics, arid, and semi-arid. There is abundant production, and sufficient investment has been made into certifications such as organic, fair trade, HAACP, GMP, and many more.

Our highest interest is to satisfy all parties involved. We also aim to promote products that have been collected in environmentally sustainable methods, ideally from farming communities that are practicing substantive conservation practices.

The USA has a trade agreement with Peru. To review the specific tariffs on items, please click here for a pdf, or here for the US government website on harmonized tariff schedules.

The U.S.-Peru Trade Promotion Agreement may be reviewed here.

Let us know what products you are interested in importing, and your parameters. We maintain strict client confidentiality, and will inform you quickly if we can serve your interests.

To know if you are import ready, please consider if you already have an importer's code, if you are ready to make a custom's bond in your own country, and what storage facilities would be required upon receiving the shipment.