Custom Soap for Special Occassions

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Delivery Time 15 - 35 Business days

Soap stamped with the logo and text of your choosing to give to guests attending special occasions such as weddings and baby showers. Minimum order of 20 bars of soap, requires 4 weeks notice before shipping. $8 price is per bar.

Product Information

Our soap provide a way of capturing essences of rainforest plants and bringing them to you where ever you may be. In Peru, the traditional plant bath is used to clear one's energy, and attract good fortune. We hope you love our soap as much as having a plant bath under the rainforest canopy.


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100 gram bars

Product Details

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Our soap is rich and luxurious. It's utterly healthy too, using only natural ingredients. The butters and plants are sourced ethically and responsibly, with concern given to the wildharvesters and the plant sustainability.

Special Instructions

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A full use of this soap may be done using the plant bath method. First, rinse the body with warm water, then rinse body with cold water, and then rinse body with salty water. After, use this patiently soap to lather and rinse with cool water three times.